Door Chimes, Phone Rings, In Comes…

Oh here we go, I bet you’re thinking oh damn not another blog… and well I wouldn’t blame you. It seems like everyone and their dog has a blog these days but just like everyone else sometimes I need to say my opinions, AND I like the sound of my own voice, or words…

Poor Girls Guide To Theatre is a place when I will be sharing my opinions on theatre in all its glory, and some times, ugliness. From writing to reviews to sharing my thoughts on the latest news I’ll be diving in deep into the industry that I love so much. I started this blog on Instagram almost a year ago, but I had just landed my first job and time, pressure and drive ran away from me, so this is my re-boot to get back into the swing of things!

So a little about me!

My name is Abigail, grew up in Somerset surrounded by fields, cows and literally no theatrical scene. Nevertheless, I lived off soundtracks, YouTube clips and a VHS of Riverdance (which I watched religiously). 

Fast forward a few years and I’m now a graduate in Musical Theatre from the University of Portsmouth, live in London, and have managed to bag a job within the theatre industry. 


So why this blog?

Although I am lucky to get to write about theatre every day and get to see shows all the time, my writing is all about being professional an unbiased (obviously). This is where this blog comes in, Poor Girls Guide To Theatre will be my opportunity to rant, praise and delve into what I REALLY think about the industry. 

A personal blog is all very new to me, so please bear with as I get to grips of things! 

Till next time,

Abigail x

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One thought on “Door Chimes, Phone Rings, In Comes…

  1. I am 24; live in Charlotte, NC; am a musical theatre fanatic. Living in Charlotte means having to rely on tours- luckily Charlotte is a popular touring city. My blog is mostly about theatre. I am a theatre minor


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