Theatre + Social Media

Happy Thursday everyone! I saw something in the general theatre-sphere last night that I thought was so interesting I had to do an extra blog post!

So last night (November 21) Hampstead Theatre announced that will be streaming their current production of I and You (starring Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame) to IG TV (Instagram TV).

Ground Breaking

Now I am a traditionalist (to some extent) when it comes to theatre. I think that theatre should be seen live, in a performance esque space . Buuut I think that streaming a show to IG TV is bloody ground-breaking AND is forging a new path of theatrical inclusion. And I am all for that.

As my name suggests I think that theatre should be for the many, not the few (thanks Jeremy Corbyn for that phrase) and with the rising ticket prices that is becoming less and less of a reality.

Theatre, for the many not the few

Streaming a show for FREE on a huge social media platform like Instagram is opening up this wonderful art form to so many people. People who may not have access to a diverse theatrical scene or those or can’t afford £50-£100 tickets! Let alone spreading the net to younger audiences.

I am definitely going to make sure I watch I and You on IG TV and be a part of a new era of the theatrical experience. Hats off to you Hampstead Theatre!

Tills next time,

Abigail x

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