The Wizard And I – Wicked And Me

“Because I knew you, I have been changed for good”

It’s been exactly one week since I decided to return to this blog and I am loving it so much! Getting to voice my opinions with fellow theatre lovers has felt so refreshing, and even if no one reads this, Poor Girls Guide To Theatre will continue to be my little thought vessel and brain de-clutterer. 

So , for my one week anniversary (is that lame?), I’ve decided to tell you about the show that pretty much changed my life. 

Let’s take it back to 2003 when my little 7 year old ears heard the dulcet tones of Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth absolutely SMASH the score of Wicked. I didn’t know much about this show at the time, with the the soundtrack on YouTube being pretty much all that I had, but, the music was enough to get me hooked. Fast forward 15 years later and I’ve now seen the show in the West End four times, grown up going to stage school every Saturday and am now pursuing a career in the arts, all thanks to Wicked. 


So what is it about Wicked? 

Well first of all, the music, obviously. With songs like Defying Gravity, Popular, The Wizard and I, For Good, No Good Deed, I mean the list goes on, the songs allowed me to belt my my little heart out, in the shower, in my room, whilst I walked my dog and most importantly in the car with my mum. We harmonised to all of them and it’s one of my fondest childhood memories with her.

Secondly, the story. I didn’t know it back in 2003 but Wicked had a huge impact on the medium. As the first major Broadway musical to feature two women in the leading roles, whose only focus wasn’t love and men, Wicked paved the way for a new conversation in the musical world to begin, whilst also showing both children and adults that by believing in themselves they can defy gravity, literally. 

Lastly, the production. I can’t remember if Wicked was my first West End show but it’s certainly the first one I remember. And it blew me away, the lights, the costumes, the magic – everything wowed me. Still to this day the production gives me goose bumps.

From the very first chord to the final curtain call Wicked continues to inspire and delight me. I hope that as I get older and my nieces and nephews (and possibly children?) grow up I can take them to see Wicked. Hopefully their little eyes will light up and their hearts will open just like mine did, and still does. 

Till next time,

Abigail x

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