Tis The Season To Be Broke – London At Christmas If You’re On A Budget

I really do believe that London is at its best at Christmas. I may be biased, but when those twinkling lights begin to shine, and the smell of mulled wine mixes with the car fumes… (nice), London really does shine. But London is expensive at the best of times and with everyone spending a small fortune on presents and travel at Christmas you may be put off to spend any money experiencing London during the winter months. But, have no fear! Here’s my quick little guide on where to go for free this Christmas…

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park 

A huge sprawling landscape full of lights, food, rides, ice rinks and theatres (yes it even has a theatre!) Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit, AND it’s free to go! Yes when you get inside it is expensive, so if you want to go on the rides or buy some chocolate waffles probably best to save up. BUT, if you just want to soak up festive atmosphere there is no better place to be. Wonder around the stalls, and take your pictures in front of the giant creepy puppet man (I still don’t know what on earth he is there for) and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, FOR FREE!

Winter Wonderland In Hyde Park
The creepy puppet man at Winter Wonderland

Watch The Ice Skaters At The Natural History Museum

With tickets approaching almost £20, Ice Skating at the Natural History is certainly not cheap, especially if you want to go with friends, partners or family. if you still want to experience the magic of a huge Christmas Tree in the middle of Ice Rink, then even just watching other people Ice Skate can make you feel ready to don your jingle bells. With no risk of falling over and getting a wet bum yourself, spend your day or evening (it’s best at night) surrounded by festive tunes, twinkling lights and the smell of roasting nuts!

The Ice Rink at the Natural History Museum
The Ice Rink at the Natural History Museum

Christmas In Leicester Square

Much like Winter Wonderland this little market can make you rack up a fare few pennies, but seeing as it is in the one of the most famous squares in the country it’s absolutely free to go. With the hustle and bussle of London around you, feel like you’re at the centre of the world with trinkets, hot cocoa and street performers. You could even check out a range of performances that they have going on, from Burlesque, to family shows there will be something for everyone!

Wonder Around The Christmas Lights

With some of the best Christmas lights in the wold, London’s skies are lit up in all their glory during the festive season. With Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Regents Street, Piccadilly Circus (the list goes on) all within walking distance curate your own personal tour of London and see the city shine bright! 

Top Tip: My favourite place at Christmas is Carnaby Street, their decorations are little more funky than your usual angels and the like. Their lights had ranged from Parrots to Globes!

Christmas lights at the Natural History Museum
Christmas lights at the Natural History Museum

I hope this helps you of you’re a little stuck on how to do London at Christmas on a shoe string! Have you got any secret London Christmas havens? Let me know in the comments because I will want to check them out!

Till Next Time, and Merry Christmas!

Abigail x

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