Where To Go For Cheap Theatre Tickets in London

Now as my name suggest (my blog not my real name) I hope to use this blog to not only voice my opinions on theatre but to also highlight how we can make the arts more accessible, by pointing you towards cheaper ways of getting to see a show. 

So in the feeling of ‘good will to all men’ (it is Christmas after all) here are my little pointers on how to get your hands on cheap theatre tickets!

It’s true going to the theatre is getting more and more expensive by the minute, but fortunately the ever rising expense means that more theatres and ticket sellers are offering theatre goers opportunities to get cut price tickets. 


Possibly one of THE fastest growing ticket selling websites in the world (I mean don’t quote me on this) TodayTix has spread like wildfire across the West End and Broadway. Once you’ve made an account on their app you can scroll through a list of shows which are offering deals, enter RUSH ticket draws and lotteries and get reminders as to when shows are going on sale. 

One thing I love about TodayTix is their 24 hour sales. It does mean you need to sign up to get alerts or keep your eyes peeled for the deals, but with prices at almost quarter the normal price you’d be a fool not too! 

They also sell tickets to comedy shows too!

TodayTix Homepage

At The Theatre

A great host of London theatre’s offer loads of seats that are on the cheaper side, and you’re probably thinking oh yeah but I bet the view is terrible. That is not the case! The National Theatre offer some AMAZING seats at only £18. When I went to see I’m Not Running at the Lyttleton stage at the National my boyfriend and I managed to nab some seats at only £18 and the view was incredible. And the best thing about this experience was that we didn’t need to sign up to some sort of lottery or rush policy they were just simply available and we bought them!

The National Theatre
The National Theatre

Ticket Websites

Since the dawn of the internet there have been ticket sellers and the UK has a whole host of websites that offer you some great deals. You need to make sure you go to official ticket sellers, so look our for a little box on the website that tells you that they are part of STAR (Secure Tickets From Authorised Retailers) an official regulator of ticket sellers.

My favourite sites to use are

Don’t feel like you need to signing up to rushes or lotteries when the deals are so easy to find!

I really hope that this helps you if you needed a little pointer and happy theatre going!

Till Next Time,

Abigail x

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