Poor Girls Guide’s Top Shows Of 2018!

Merry Christmas theatre lovers! 2018 is almost over (shock!) and it’s about this time everyone starts to reflect on the past year. So I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share my top five shows of 2018!


I know, I’m sorry it’s an obvious one but can you blame me? I had been waiting 2 1/5 years to see the musical in the flesh and it was worth the wait. I won’t go into too much detail as you’ve either a) probably seen it and know what I’m talking about or b) bored of hearing about it!

Let me just round it up briefly – Hamilton is everything that theatre needs



The brand new revival could have gone two ways. Fortunately the Marianne Elliot helmed production is a winner. From the gender-bending to the set this musical is fresh and breaths new and exciting life into the West End! Plus Patti LuPone is a mega babe and she’s another diva who I’ve added to my ‘who I want to be my best friend’ list.



Yes I’m talking about it again… if you follow me on Instagram (follow here) you’ve been inundated with my endless outpouring of love for this play. Summer And Smoke is everything I look for in a West End production. Brilliant acting, brilliant set just brilliant everything! I wish I could be more eloquent but that’s just me ya’ll.

Summer and Smoke
Summer and Smoke


This new musical was an absolute surprise to me. I was expecting it to be rubbish, cringe and everything awful but oh my I was wrong. I LOVED IT! It was such a feel good and fun night out. Full of comedic excellence and smashing songs to boot. PLEASE COME BACK!



Having been a fan of this musical since I learnt about it at Uni I was so excited that the ENO were bringing it back for a limited run at the London Coliseum! Although the critics slated it (they always do with Chess) I really enjoyed it and it was worth every single penny. 


So there’s my round-up of my favourite shows in 2018,  I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us! What were your top five shows of 2018?

Till next time theatre lovers!

Abigail x

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