Review: Ian McKellen On Stage – The Bridge Theatre

My Stagey Year Part Two!

Overall Rating – 5 Stars

Ian McKellen, the legend of British acting, and acting in general, has hit the road in celebration of hid 80th birthday (say what)! In Ian McKellen On Stage the show biz veteran regales tales of his long and lustrous career. I was lucky enough to be one of the audience members at his stop at The Bridge Theatre.

As you are probably aware this review will be a glowing one. Can you ever actually fault McKellen? No, you can’t. Opening the show by reading a passage from J.R.R Tolkein’s Lord Of The Rings, McKellen made my boyfriend and I (stalwart Lord Of The Rings fans) two very happy customers! With “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” tears sprung to my eyes as I realised that I had just witnessed THE Gandalf perform probably the series biggest lines.

The first half featured McKellen telling stories of his childhood in Bolton, his studies at Cambridge and his early career. Breaking up the chat with monologues, songs and a pretty impressive Pantomime Dame, McKellen kept the pace speedy and exciting, leaving the audience laughing all the way into the interval.

The second half consisted of the actor performing a range of monologues from Shakespeare’s vast collection. From Romeo and Juliet to Macbeth Ian moved around the stage and spoke with the gravitas of a man half of his mighty 80 years. Although it made me realise that I literally no nothing about Shakespeare (BAD ABIGAIL) McKellen’s performance would leave the most die-hard Shakespeare fans, and new comers alike spellbound by his performance.

At two and a half hours you certainly get your money’s worth, and you will leave with a smile on your face.

I still can’t believe I can now say I saw Ian McKellen live on stage! I hope that you can too.

You can try and book you tickets here.

Till Next Time,

Abigail xx

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