My Reaction To The 2019 Olivier Award Nominations

On Tuesday lunchtime the 2019 Olivier Award nominations were announced! As one of the most important dates in the theatre calendar, the Olivier’s are a preetttyyyy big deal, so I wanted to share my Olivier Award Nomination reaction!

First all, thank goodness that both Come From Away and Company stormed the nominations with nine each! After the choice reviews for Come From Away I am so glad that they are getting the recognition that I think they deserve. Now… they just need to win!

I think Patti LuPone and Rosalie Craig’s nominations for Best Actress in a Supporting Role In A Musical and Best Actress In a Musical were justly deserved. But why isn’t the category just Best Actress, OR the Best Actress in a play category be named as such? In my opinion it insinuates that the actors in musicals aren’t as ‘talented’ as the ones in plays. Why don’t they all get grouped into one big glorious group of wonderful?! (the same goes for the men). But that’s another blog post, for another day…

Also I am so glad that Summer and Smoke (you may remember my slight obsession with it just after Christmas) garnered the nomination for Best Revival and Best Actress for Patsy Ferran. I was worried that it was going to get swallowed up by all the other plays but thank goodness that it shone as bright to the theatre big wigs as much as it did for me!

I am surprised that neither 9 to 5 or Heathers got nominated. Although I didn’t think they would have been front runners, I did think they would have got nods towards some categories. I guess that’s why award ceremonies like the What’sOnStage Awards are important, for the theatre fans and goers to have their say and to show some of the other shows some love.

There are loads of nominees and other categories that I could talk about, but this was my initial reaction! I can’t wait to see who wins on the night (April 7)!!!

What do you think of the nominations?

Till Next Time,

Abigail xx

3 thoughts on “My Reaction To The 2019 Olivier Award Nominations

  1. I follow this film podcast and there was a sort of similar debate about how the awards are grouped at the Oscars. But the concern was that for The Best Director category, year on year it’s dominated by male directors probably due to an unconscious bias from the people who select the nominees. The point they were arguing was that having distinct categories means that certain groups shouldn’t be overlooked. Essentially I think the same thing applies with having a category for musicals (if I’ve understood correctly what you meant) that if we just had a best actress category for plays and musicals, there may be a bias to select actresses that aren’t representative of the best from both fields? Anyways thanks for your post!

    Ever since Jon Jon Briones was completely overlooked for miss Saigon I sort of went off the Oliviers. And I’ve always felt that a lot of attention is given to ‘new musicals’ which have been imported from the US. So I was excited this year by the fact that six has been recognised and also Marianne Elliot achieved with Company. Lastly I agree with your comments about whatsonstage but I do wonder how many of the people voting have seen all of the other nominees in that category? There’s sometimes the danger that it’s a popularity contest and more obscure work is over looked. Don’t get me wrong I loved Heathers and it was probably my favourite show of 2018, but I didn’t vote in the awards as I knew it would be right as there were so many other nominees that could have been just as good or better but I just didn’t get the chance to see. Anyways I’ve rambled on long enough!

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      1. I’ve noticed typos but can’t edit the comment! And sorry I meant to leave a short comment and then found myself getting carried away.
        (*Marianne Elliot for what she achieved with Company, *it wouldn’t be right)


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