Botox or Bust – Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth

Happy Friday one and all! Welcome to part three of My Stagey Year!

A couple of months ago the lovely Lisa Gaye Wright invited me along to see her brand new musical, Botox or Bust. So yesterday afternoon I headed out of London and down to the coast to see a workshop performance.

First of all the Shelley Theatre is such a lovely space. A real community theatre hub which was absolutely bustling for the first night of Botox or Bust.

The musical (which is written by Lisa entirely) tells the story of Madeline (or Mandy) who up until now has lived a life of luxury and leisure. But the sudden break up of her marriage (her husband left her for a much younger model) has left her feeling lonely, ugly and old. With the help of sister and the raucous Zumba club, Madeline realises that there is more to life than Botox and money.

The script is hilarious! Full of clever witty one liners Botox or Bust really is a laugh a minute. There were some areas where the script could be tightened but the flow of natural conversation as well as the back and forth between Madeline and well everyone is very nicely done.

The music was also lovely with some brilliant stand out pieces like Cougar, Texas and Puppets, Slave & Clones. The all female cast (wahooo!) really gave it their all and did themselves proud.

Although it is hilarious Botox or Bust is a very timely exploration of society’s obsession with looks and a women’s age. Although the musical is written for and aimed at the middle aged generation it also speaks to the younger millennials and Gen Z’s too. It really is time for us to wake up and stop caring and obsessing over how much we weigh and the impending ‘doom’ of wrinkles.

I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to see how Botox or Bust progresses!

Congratulations to Lisa and her team on a wonderful musical!

Till next time,

Abigail xx

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