#MyStageyYear Part 4 – Luisa Omielan at the SOHO Theatre

Is it just me or is 2019 whizzing past at the rate of knots?! So far so good with the #MyStageyYear series, I have successfully seen one off-West End, regional or fringe piece of theatre every month so far (yay go me!).

Part 4 of this series sees me try something new – a stand-up show! And not just any normal stand-up show, a work in progress stand-up show (please read as the M&S advert)!

I have only ever been to one other comedy gig before, which was Jamali Maddix earlier this year, so I was really keen to see another one, this time in the form of BAFTA Breakout star Luisa Omielan.

The show was titled ‘Jesus Is A Feminist – A Work In Progress’ so I really wasn’t sure to expect, all I did know is that it was going to be funny. And let me just say Omielan did not disappoint!

SOHO Theatre

It’s true, she really hadn’t prepared any material, and what started off with her applying her make-up on stage turned into a group discussion about Feminism and the Bible.

The evening could have quickly taken a turn for the worse. Awkward silences or the fear people leaving is sure to be any performer’s nightmare, but Luisa didn’t have anything to worry about as she handled the material and the audience with astounding calm and control – and of course funniness. In this comedy show come group therapy session I guffawed, I debated and I learnt, and really what more could you want?

Luisa Omielan’s style is bold, not afraid to swear or talk about sex, Luisa is a confident performer and instantly makes you feel like you’re a part of her gang. Sarcastic and sassy AF Omielan is the comedian for the ‘millennials’ although if your parents are ‘woke’ they’ll defiantly get her too!

I hope that Luisa felt like she got some material from this ‘Work In Progress’ show for her future routines. I had such a good night and its definitely stirred me on to see more comedy!

Till Next Time,

Abigail xx

P.S Luisa also brings her beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, Bernie, to her gigs and if that’s not a reason to see one of Luisa’s shows then I don’t know what is!

Book tickets to see Luisa for yourself here – https://sohotheatre.com/shows/luisa-omielan-jesus-is-a-feminist-work-in-progress/

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