Come Back! Shows I Want To See Return To The West End

One of my pet peeves about myself is that I always fall in love with things after the hype has died down. Whether it be films (I didn’t get into The Lord of the Rings until like 3 years ago), clothes, books or theatre shows I’m always a bit late to the party. This means that there are whole host of shows that I haven’t seen because my little musical heart wasn’t ready yet.

So I’ve decided to make a list of shows that I want to come back into the West End so that I can finally watch them, and some shows I want to return as I loved them so much!

First up…

Billy Elliot

This is one show that I have seen, and it is up there as one of my favourites. I love this musical and believe that it is a true bastion of British musical talent. With music by Elton John, could you get any better than that, and a heartwarming message I was so sad when Billy Elliot closed. I understand that shows must leave to give others a shot but as one of the only British Musicals with a long run on the West End (11 Years) I believe it deserved a bit longer! 


Calendar Girls

One show that came and went without me paying much notice, and boy do I regret it! I have only just started listening to the soundtrack and it is GORGEOUS. The choral elements in the score just give me the biggest goosebumps and the characters are hilarious. I am trying to find the OG film to watch so that I can get into the story a bit more but I can’t find it anywhere (well anywhere that my WiFi provider will allow, if you know what I mean). It is currently on tour across the UK and I’m hoping to catch it when it lands in Bristol, even if that does mean a £40 train fare all the way home to Somerset!


Kinky Boots

I can’t believe I didn’t see this show, WHO AM I! I had so many chances, six years in fact, to watch this and I just didn’t! Maybe I thought it was going to run for many more years and that I’d get around to it eventually. I am stupid! I really hope that this wonderful show about acceptance returns, I want to say YEAH!


42nd Street

Another show that I just let slip by is 42nd Street. Again had plenty of chances to see but thought it would be around forever. It breaks my little theatrical heart that I didn’t see that amazing opening number live, I even learnt it during tap lessons and I loved performing it! 42nd Street is a true testament to how talented performers are. Performing insane tap moves whilst still singing gorgeously is just a rare feat of pure brilliance!


I hope that I finally get to see these shows one day! But till then I’ll just keep listening to the soundtracks!

Till Next Time,

Abigail xx

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