Review: Shaping Dust

Written and devised by Fancy Another? playing at The Actors Centre through to 4th of September.

A work that is in development Shaping Dust holds all the right pieces to be a truly remarkable work.

Written and devised by Fancy Another? Shaping Dust follows Emma, an elderly woman living with dementia. As her house begins to be packed up Emma sets out on a quest to find her special tea cup. However, the search not only means she revisits the rooms of her house but also the memories that make up her very existence.

Using a wide range of theatrical techniques (puppetry, props, mime and lights) Shaping Dust does a Stellar job of drawing you into Emma’s world. Beautifully acted by all the cast we see Emma at different stages of her life and begin to piece together Emma’s past and the woman she once was, and still is behind the shroud of her illness.

In an intense 30 minutes Shaping Dust does well to balance the light with the dark. Punctuating moving scenes perfectly timed humour, Shaping Dust reminds us that although Dementia is all consuming the person you love is still there.

I wish Fancy Another? all the best as they continue to develop this important work.

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